Website REview & Assessment
If your website was developed by your brother’s friend’s nephew who is “really good with computers,” it might be time for a website review by Double W.

Stay Ahead of the Joneses with a Website Review

How does your website stand up against your competition’s?

  • Is it more than 5 years old?
  • Is it built on best practices?
  • Is navigation intuitive?
  • Is it tied to social media?
  • Is it user friendly?
  • Is it search-engine friendly?
  • Is it mobile friendly?

Don’t know? Maybe it’s time for a website review and assessment.

With technology constantly changing, it’s hard to keep up. Your website could be behind the times—putting you behind your competition. And who wants to be there? No one!

Website review

Be sure your website is optimized for search engine marketing.

Grammatical errors

It was quite obvious to everyone present that Alex was disinterested in identifying “green” initiatives for the office. He doodled on his notepad throughout the entire brainstorming session and never offered a single suggestion or comment.

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