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Double W sorts through the web analytics data to report what’s most important to your business.

Make Your Website Do Double Duty with Web Analytics

You already know that your website is your most powerful marketing tool. (If that comes as a surprise, click here.) But did you know that you can supercharge your site—and your marketing—with web analytics? Web analytics allow you to monitor your website’s health and measure your online marketing success. Web analytics can tell you:

  • Which pages are most important to the conversion process.
  • How well online marketing campaigns are performing.
  • How long it takes for visitors to become customers.
  • Where your most valuable customers come from.
  • How much revenue your site is generating, even if it’s not an e-commerce site.
  • And so much more your head will spin!

With web analytics, you have the ability to make informed decisions about your online marketing strategy. Without it, you’re flying blind.

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Web analytics are useful for measuring the success of your marketing plan. You do have a plan, don't you?

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