Proposals and RFP's
As with all marketing material, proposals need to be customer-centric. Double W puts your customers and their needs first.

Turn Your Proposal Into a Marketing Tool

Knowledge nugget: Even though RFPs (or requests for proposals) ask for lots of information about your company and its capabilities, decision-makers quickly become bored with proposals that are all about your company and its capabilities. Go figure.

Successful proposals are customer-centric, not company-centric. As with all other marketing material—and proposals are marketing material—they should focus on your customers’ needs, not your accolades. The trick to developing a successful proposal is understanding the reason for the information requested and then crafting a response that addresses what they REALLY want to know.


RFP means request for proposal.

Step 1: The Proposal.
Step 2: The Presentation.
Make your presentations stand out.

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