Newsletters by Double W speak to your audience as one friend to another. What better way to maintain relationships and stay top of mind.

Staying Top of Mind with Newsletters

A newsletter is a condensed publication that targets a specific audience, such as your employees, your investors, your constituency, your customers, or people with common interests or hobbies. The purpose of the newsletter can be:

  • Promotional – focused on marketing your products, services, and ideas.
  • Relationship building – focused on building rapport with your audience.
  • Informational – focused on providing readers with useful information, statistics, advice, and instructions.
  • Or a combination of all three.

Newsletters are an easy way to maintain those relationships that you’ve worked hard to cultivate. Send a newsletter and stay top of mind.

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Grammatical errors

Melissa was so disgusted by her husband’s worn, torn, stained, and stinking lounge chair that she relegated it to the basement irregardless of her husband’s protests.

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