News Releases
News releases developed by Double W focus on timely, newsworthy topics that appeal to the media’s audiences.

The Secret of a Successful News Release

FREE ADVERTISING!—aka media buzz—is what you get with a well-developed news release. The operative phrase being “well-developed.” Just because you send a news release to your local newspaper, television, and radio outlets doesn’t mean the media will pick up your story. A news release—or press release or media release (they’re all the same)—needs to be:

  • Newsworthy.
  • Timely.
  • Relevant to the media’s audiences.

In other words, the news release is usually NOT about you. That is the key to a successful news release—indirectly generating buzz about your business.


News releases must be newsworthy, timely, and relevant.

Even if the media doesn’t pick up your news release, you can still add it to your website to help with SEO.

Grammatical errors

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