Mobile Marketing
When your customers are on the go, Double W moves you in their direction with mobile marketing.

Reaching Customers on the Move with Mobile Marketing

Today, the amount of time spent browsing on mobile devices exceeds that of desktop computers. So, if you think mobile marketing is no big deal, think again.

Mobile marketing tactics include:

  • SMS – Similar to email marketing, but with text messages.
  • Search ads – Same as online searches, but includes special mobile extensions, such as click-to-call.
  • Location-based marketing – Ads appear when users are within a specified radius of your business.
  • App-based marketing – Create your own app, or save money and simply advertise on someone else’s.
  • In-game marketing – If you’ve ever played games on your mobile phone, you know how this works.
  • QR codes – When users scan your code with their phones, your marketing page appears.

Mobile marketing helps you keep pace with the mobile crowd.

On the move with mobile marketing.

Improve your ranking in mobile searches with a mobile-friendly website.

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