Marketing Plans
Businesses that plan to succeed begin with a plan … a marketing plan they’ve developed with Double W.

Plan for Business Success

Those who fail to plan, plan to… Well, you know how it goes. So why do businesses develop marketing material and pursue marketing tactics with absolutely no strategy or goal in mind? No plan other than “do what everyone else is doing” whether it’s good for their business or not.

A well-developed marketing plan aligns with the goals of your company. (It’s actually a significant portion of your business plan.) The plan consists of five sections:

  • Your company – A snapshot of your business as it currently is as well as a look at historical data and trends.
  • Your competition – A look at your industry and businesses similar to yours.
  • Your customers – A profile of current customers as well as customers you want to target.
  • Strategies, objectives, and tactics – An outline of the actual work to be done.
  • Budget – An itemization of your proposed marketing investment.

A house cannot be built without a plan, and neither can your business. Step One to success: A Plan.

With a marketing plan, all of your tactics work in concert.

Your marketing plan should include a section on branding.

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