Editing & Proofreading
Never proofread or edit your own material. Find an editor who is meticulous and can provide an outside perspective. In a word (and a letter), Double W.

WARNING: Edit at Your Own Risk

Never ever, ever, ever…ever…proofread or edit you’re own riting. Yo’ll be sory.

Seriously. If you’re the writer, you’re too close to the work. Your brain automatically “corrects” any errors, so they get overlooked. Then, when the erroneous work goes out, you come across as unprofessional and unedumicated.

Have someone else proofread and edit your work, preferably someone who can provide an outside perspective. Again, you and your co-workers are too close to the subject. Going from Point A to Point C may be clear to you, but not to your audience. An outside editor makes sure you hit Point B.

Editing and proofreading pen

Want to avoid errors that can mar your image? Check out Professional Style.

Grammatical errors

If it hadn’t been for the continuous interruptions from disgruntled employees, the shareholders meeting would have ended on time.

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