Direct Mail
Direct mail is a great way to target your specific demographics and increase your reponse rate. When Double W says “It’s in the mail,” it’s in the mail.

Direct Mail Carries a Stamp of Success

Direct mail…a tried and true form of marketing. Yes, it’s been around for years, but it’s still popular and highly effective. Why?

  • It’s narrowly targeted to your specific demographics.
  • Mailers can be personalized with variable data.
  • Mailer options are varied—postcards, brochures, catalogs, packages—whatever you can mail.
  • Mailers are easy to create and send.
  • Direct mail is familiar to customers and typically gets opened…especially “lumpy” mail.
  • Direct mail provides an opportunity to make “follow-up” calls instead of cold calls.
  • Marketing results are easily measured.
  • Average customer response rate is 4.1%.

With direct mail as part of your marketing arsenal, you’re bound to hit your target.

Direct mail is still highly effective.

Prefer to send a quick little message? Consider mobile marketing.

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