Crisis Communications
Be prepared! Protect your reputation with a crisis communications plan developed by Double W.

Coming Out on Top in a Crisis

A company is considered "in crisis" when it’s involved in a situation that:

  • Affects the public’s health or safety.
  • Puts its reputation at risk.
  • Is detrimental to the company’s financial health.

In a crisis situation, companies need to act swiftly, which is difficult to do if you don’t have a crisis communications plan. You need to know:

  • Who’s on the communications team.
  • Who’s responsible for investigating allegations.
  • Who’s the official voice of the company.
  • Who’s responsible for communications with employees.
  • Which communications channels are going to be used.

Once you’re in a crisis situation, it’s too late to make these decisions. The longer it takes to respond, the more inept your company looks. Don’t jeopardize your reputation. Be prepared.

A crisis communications plan puts you on top.

Monitor and manage online reviews to protect your reputation.

Grammatical errors

After suffering through numerous misunderstandings stemming from verbal agreements, Carl decided to confirm all of his agreements in writing.

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