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Yea vs. Yeah

September 2012
Spot the Error

After eleven years of “practice,” Northeast High won its first volleyball tournament. Yeah for them!

A relaxed and conversational writing style is common in communications with friends and family; in business, we tend to be a little more formal. However, whether the style is formal or informal, we still need to be understood. Yeah? So, let’s take a look at yeah and yea.

Yea is an exclamation of triumph and, coincidentally, rhymes with “hooray.” Yeah is informal for “yes” and rhymes with … well, nothin’.

Mother: Do you have homework?
Child: Yeah, algebra.

Mother: Schools are closed today because of the ice storm.
Child: YEA!

So, yeah. In the “volleyball” sentence above, the correct word is yea. That’s it for now. Yea!

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