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Intrusive vs. Invasive

February 2017
Spot the Error

Miles was not happy to see his estranged sister at his bedside following his appendectomy. He had not invited her, so her presence was invasive. After all, he was recovering from an intrusive medical procedure.

The words invasive and intrusive should be swapped in the “appendectomy” paragraph above.

Intrusive describes something or someone that is unwelcome, uninvited, or out of place. It can also mean annoying, irksome, or irritating.

Invasive, on the other hand, means to aggressively spread, typically in an unwelcome manner (such as invasive plants); thus, the confusion. Invasive can also refer to medical procedures whereby the body is entered by incision.

So, even though being cut open may be unpleasant, those medical procedures are not intrusive; they are invasive.

~ Thank you, Ted R., for your topic suggestion.

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