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Fuse vs. Fuze

September 2017
Spot the Error

The dashboard lights in Mona’s car were not working because of a blown fuze.

The words fuze and fuse can be confusing because one definition of fuse is a wire or cord used to ignite an explosive, and fuze is considered an alternative spelling. Additional definitions of fuse include:

  • Noun – A protective device used in an electric circuit, as in a car’s dashboard lighting system. (That’s fuse, never fuze.)
  • Verb – To combine by melting together. (Again, fuse, never fuze.)

Since fuze is only an alternative spelling for a single definition of fuse, it’s safer to just stick with the F-U-S-E spelling for all definitions. You can’t go wrong … unless you’re referring to the combination tea and fruit beverages … that’s FUZE®.

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